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    Vacuum pump system model
    Vacuum pump system has many models, it has many components, such as water tank, check valve, etc. Vacuum pump can be combined into many types of units, their energy consumption is very small, vacuum is also very high, and can be moved. Here we come to a specific understanding of the vacuum unit.

    First of all, if the installation and placement position is very uneven, it will affect its work, should be installed in a very flat place, so there is no great noise, and is also good for the machine, heavy strength must be guaranteed. If you want to stop the operation of the equipment, the first step is to turn off the steam valve, stop the exhaust, and then open the vent valve, let the vacuum drop, so that the machine is not working, do not form a backdraft or damage the equipment.

    Secondly, the vacuum pump system should be very tightness, otherwise it will be very harmful. If a lot of air enters the system and the machine does not immediately pump out the incoming air, the pressure and temperature of the gas will rise, the total efficiency of the unit will decrease, and more electricity will be consumed. Some parts are not yet available. It can run smoothly.

    Finally, even if the gas entering the vacuum unit system is pumped out immediately, however, the load of the vacuum pump will increase, which will waste electricity and water. The air entering will also increase the supercooling of the condenser, reduce other aspects, increase water-soluble oxygen and so on. Sometimes the equipment will be corroded.

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