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    Correct Use of Vacuum Pump System
    Vacuum pump system is a word we often hear. The vacuum environment is inseparable from it. With it, the vacuum pump can work. So how can we use the vacuum pump system correctly? Here’s an introduction.

    First, when installing pipeline, if there is water stored in it, it will affect its use effect. Horizontal device pipeline is also an important aspect. Before using vacuum pump system, or in the process of using it, when it needs to stop, it is necessary to open the air valve, so that the vacuum inside can be reduced to 1. To a certain extent, it can be used or stopped.

    Second, we should check whether there is any loosening. If some parts are loosened, they must be tightened first and then used in order to avoid malfunction or danger. It also has a protective effect on the vacuum pump system and can prolong its service life.

    Third, at the beginning of the work, we should first see whether the water in the tank is full, if not, we should fill up the water. If there is lack of water, the vacuum pump will be idle, or reverse, which is very harmful to the vacuum pump. Whether before use or during use, the vacuum pump system should be pre-sequenced.

    Finally, too high vacuum is not feasible, will form the phenomenon of backdraft, adverse to the check valve, if the vacuum pump system check valve has no effect, it must be cleaned up to see if there is any debris blocked.

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