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On April 16th Thompson Rivers University hosted a Nursing Leadership Seminar and Workshop featuring Dr. Judith Shamian (RN) and Tilda Shalof (RN). Dr. Judith Shamian has an extensive history of leadership in nursing; she was the former president of the International Council of Nurses, the Canadian Nurses Association and the Victorian Order Nurses. Tilda Shalof has been an ICU nurse for over 30 years and has written numerous best selling books about nursing. TRU received sponsorship from Interior Health, the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, the BC Nurses Union, the national board of CNSA, the School of Nursing, and the TRU Student Union for this event. It was such an honour for TRU to host such distinguished nursing leaders at our school. There were two portions to this event; an afternoon workshop and an evening keynote address by Tilda and Judith. At the afternoon workshop, there was a panel to represent different leaders in nursing. The panel consisted of distinguished guests, Tilda Shalof and Dr. Judith Shamian, as well as three others- Tania Dick, the president of the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia; Heather Straight, the Director of Professional Practice for the BC Nurses Union; and Jessica Guthier, a first-year BScN student and the TRU’s new Associate Delegate. During the evening the keynote speakers, Dr. Judith Shamian and Tilda Shalof, spoke on nursing leadership and its importance for nursing as a profession in the future. CNSA is proud to have been one of the many sponsors for this event through our Career and Leadership Development Program.

The full webinar can be viewed here. Below are Judith’s powerpoint presentation and some photos taken during the seminar.

Judith Shamian Powerpoint Slides


Group photo of students involved


Elder Estella addressing the room


Judith speaking during her presentation


Workshop panel

Workshop room


Credit: TRU CNSA: OD Robyn MacDonald, AD Jessica Guthier and AD Ben Tjepkema. Students: Jordan Smeaton (BScN) and Satvir Kaur (MN). TRU nursing faculty members: Tanya Sanders, Patricia Nicol and Dr. Judy Duchscher