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How is CNSA organized?

CNSA represents Chapter Schools of Nursing across Canada. These Chapter Schools pay annual fees to CNSA to keep their membership in good standing. All students who attend Chapter Schools are Individual Members of CNSA.

Each Chapter School elects an Official Delegate (OD) and may elect one or more Associate Delegates (AD). The Official Delegate represents their Chapter School and votes on the behalf of their student body at regional and national meetings. Associate Delegates assist the OD and may vote in place of the OD in his or her absence. The process for electing the OD/AD varies from school to school.

Chapter Schools and their members make up 5 Regions based on their geographical location. The ODs and ADs from each Chapter School in a Region make up the Regional Executive. The Regional Executive makes Regional decisions, sets Regional policies, and advises the Board of Directors on pertinent issues. Each Regional Executive elects a Regional Director. The Regional Director sits on both the Regional Executive and the Board of Directors.

The Regional Directors are responsible for the coordination of CNSA/AEIC activities for their regions, including conferences, fees, committees, and issue resolution. They facilitate communication between the Board of Directors and ODs/ADs. They also recruit new member schools.

The Board of Directors (BOD), except for the Regional Directors (who are elected at Regional assemblies), are elected each year at the National Assembly, which occurs at the National Conference in January of each year. The Board of Directors is responsible for conducting the business of CNSA; duties include setting and acting on policy, managing funds, managing and distributing awards, and much more.

Questions about your membership or CNSA? See our FAQ!

Page last updated: February 25, 2011

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