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The Online Scholarly Showcase is a new space on the CNSA website that gives nursing students the opportunity to display and present projects and research that they have been working on. We
believe that as future nurses and health care professionals, we must foster an environment that promotes interprofessional collaboration and knowledge sharing.

This new feature of the CNSA website is being led by the CNSA Education and Scholarship Committee in an effort to meet four goals:

  • to have a medium for Canadian nursing students to share their research;
  • increase visibility of the research conducted by nursing students throughout Canada;
  • to unite Canadian nursing students through sharing of their research;
  • and to promote discussion about research produced by Canadian nursing students.

Research is a crucial part of health care, and especially in nursing. It ensures that as health care professionals, we are providing the best and safest care possible to our clients and communities based on evidence and best practices. We encourage all nursing students to reach out to their faculty and colleagues to explore the world of research and to contribute to nursing’s specialized body of knowledge.

Research Submission Criteria:

  • Research conducted in last 5 years
  • Student has to be apart of a CNSA chapter school that is in good standing (has paid membership fees). Students enrolled in a CNSA chapter school that is not in good standing (has not paid membership fee) or is not enrolled in a CNSA chapter school can purchase Distant Membership for $10. Please contact and for more information regarding CNSA membership. Refer to /membership/current-chapter-members/ for current chapter schools
  • Student has to have proof of student status/enrollment
  • Student must be one of the authors on the research study otherwise, require verification of their role from their Principal Investigator (PI)
  • The research must align with CNSA objectives (/about-us/objects) refer to CNSA Strategic Plan 2011-2016 document
  • A blurb submission of what their role entitled during the research study
  • All documents must be submitted from student’s school email account

The biography/blurb must not exceed 150 words. The blur should end with how anyone interested can get in contact with you should they have questions about your research. Contact information is not included in the word limit.

The abstract should be 150-250 words in length. Ensure all relevant information, documents, and images have been included in your files!

Profile of each approved research study will include :

  1. Picture (optional)
  2. Name, year of study, school
  3. Abstract of research study
  4. Link to research study (as approved by publisher, research authors, and PI)
  5. APA edition 6 referencing of research study
  6. Contact information – school email only

Email your submission or any questions to