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The Featured Student Profiles provide a medium for Canadian nursing students to highlight their research and their projects. Students can submit abstracts for review that meet the following criteria:  

  • Student at a CNSA chapter school in good standing. Chapter schools in good standing are listed here.
  • Student must provide proof of current student status/enrollment.
  • Students completing research or other creative/innovative work in nursing/healthcare are eligible to be featured on the website.
  • Students must submit a 150-300 word abstract which includes:  
    • Student name, year/program, school
    • Summary of the project completed by the student, including the purpose, design, outcome, and future implications of the work on nursing
    • Student contact information so that others interested in the project can learn more  
  • Students may also include an image of themselves/project  

Please submit relevant documents or questions to The deadline for submissions is September 30th at 2359 Eastern Time. We are excited to receive your submissions!