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Check out the Scholarly Showcase and Featured Student Profile tab to find out what you need to sumbit. To view current abstract submissions, click on the Current Abstract Submission tab. Once submissions are accepted, your research completed by CNSA nursing students will be featured on the website. Submissions may also be included in the upcoming 2015 CNSA National Conference at their Scholarly Showcase. Please contact us at for more information and indicate your interest in the email. Interested in getting involved with research? Check out the Reseach Opportunities tab to find opportunities in your area. Know of a great research opportunity? Let us know and we can highlight it and share it with students across Canada. Want more infomation? Or have questions to ask? Check out the Contact Information tab.

Current Abstract Submission

The Online Scholarly Showcase is a new space on the CNSA website that gives nursing students the opportunity to display and present projects and research that they have been working on. This page is dedicated to current abstracts submitted by CNSA members. Check out Sheren Anwar Siani’s Abstract Submission below: My name is Sheren Anwar Siani and I am […]

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Contact Information

 Please contact the Research and Education Committee Chair at for more information about the Scholarly Showcase, Featured Student Profile or any other research-related opportunities within CNSA. Any question about purchasing membership can be directed to and

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Research Opportunities

 The following are research opportunities for nursing students that may be specific to a Canadian University or Program or Faculty. These research opportunities can be funding opportunities, opportunities to become involved with research either as Research Assistant (RA) or to attend certain research events. The goal of this page is to make getting involved with research a smooth process! If […]

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Scholarly Showcase

  The Online Scholarly Showcase is a new space on the CNSA website that gives nursing students the opportunity to display and present projects and research that they have been working on. We believe that as future nurses and health care professionals, we must foster an environment that promotes interprofessional collaboration and knowledge sharing. This new feature of the […]

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Featured Student Profile

Have you recently conducted research? Have you partaken in creative or innovative work related to nursing and health? If you answered yes, then we have an opportunity for you to be featured on our website! The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association’s “Feature Student Profile” is an initiative to highlight CNSA members’ exceptional contribution in nursing and the health field. Students’ achievements […]

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2018 Position Statements and Resolutions

Supporting Harm Reduction Strategies in Response to Opioid Crisis Through Improved Curriculum and Advocacy Equitable Healthcare for Prisoner Populations Read More

2018 Resolutions and Position Statements: Download

2017 Position & Resolution Statements

Below are the Position and Resolution Statements that were approved by the 2017 CNSA National Assembly in Winnipeg, Manitoba.     Read More

Canadian Nursing Curriculum at Risk - The Effects and Implications of the National Council Licensure Examination - Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN): Download

Establishing a Voting Director Position for Indigenous Health Advocacy: Download

Global Health in Undergraduate Nursing Education - An Essential Component: Download

Incorporating LGBTTIIPQQ2SAA+ Education into Nursing Curriculum in Canada: Download

Key Resources to Ensure the Ongoing Provision of Health Services in French: Download

Synergy of Professional Nursing Roles: Download

2017-2018 CNSA Board of Directors By-Elections

**Nomination Period is Open!** There is 1 CNSA BOD position up for by-elections: Quebec Regional Director. We’d love for you to join the incoming BOD, so apply apply apply!   The nomination period will begin Thursday, March 16 and run until Thursday, March 30 at 2359 EST. Candidates will need to submit a completed nomination form as well […] Read More

CNSA By-Elections 2017-2018: Download

CNSA By-Elections Nomination Form 2017-2018: Download

CNSA 2017 Elections

For position descriptions please see: Part V: Power and Duties of the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs (pp. 6-14) in  2016 CNSA Rules & Regulations   Read More

Pre-Election Nomination Sheet: Download

Nomination Quick Guide: Download

NEW – CFNU Travel & Conference Award

Are you interested in Human Rights? Do you want to develop your leadership and political action skills? Would you like to connect with other like-minded, young activists? If so, then this opportunity is for you! The Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions (CFNU) will be sponsoring one CNSA member for travel, accommodation, and registration to attend […] Read More

CFNU Travel & Conference Award: Download

Resolution Statement: Support for urgent remediation of NCLEX-RN® issues

Early this summer, members of the CNSA Board of Directors worked tirelessly to develop a Resolution Statement on NCLEX Remediation to ensure that the Association was addressing the concerns of its members as outlined in the NCLEX Briefing Note that was approved at the 2016 CNSA Annual General Meeting. On June 20th, 2016 the Resolution […] Read More

Support for urgent remediation of NCLEX-RN® issues: Download

2016 Position Statements

Our Planet’s Health is Our Health: Environmental Stewardship and Implications on Human Health: Download

NCLEX Briefing Note

Since the adoption of the NCLEX, the new entry to practice exam for Registered Nurses in Canada in January 2015, there has been over a 10% decrease in pass rates since the CRNE exam, an outcry from nursing students over the emotional, financial and professional consequences, a lack of French resources for francophone nursing students […] Read More

NCLEX Briefing Note: Download


Canadian Nursing Students’ Association 2015 – 2016 Annual Report. Read More

2015-2016 ANNUAL REPORT: Download

How to write Position Statements and Resolutions

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Interprofessional Nursing Education Complementary Therapy Harm Reduction Mental Health Education and the Cannabis-Psychosis Link Facilitating New Graduate Transition Global Relief Efforts in Natural Disasters Read More

Creating a Partnership for Aboriginal Health Promotion: Download

Quality End of Life Care in Nursing Education: Download

Positions Statements

  Global Health Health and Homelessness Conference Time Equals Clinical Time Leadership Development Patient Safety Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Self-Care Practices among Nursing Students Read More

Previously Passed Position Statements (1984-1994): Download

2013 Position Statements and Resolutions

2013 Position Statements and Resolutions Read More

2013: Download

2014 Position Statement

2014 Position Statement Read More

Position Statement: Download

2015 Position Statements

2015 Position Statements Read More

Cultural Safety in the Context of Aboriginal Health in Nursing Education: Download

The Transitional NCLEX-RN Examination for Canadian Candidates: Download

Nursing Leadership Development: Download

Accommodation within Clinical Placements for Students with Temporary, Transient, or Sporadic Disability or Injury: Download

Nursing Students Concerned with First Round of NCLEX Results: Download

CNSA 2016 Elections

CNSA 2016 Nominations Quick Guide Read More

2016 CNSA Election and Nomination Sheet: Download

CNSA 2016 Nomination Quick Guide: Download

Why Should I Become A Canadian Nurse?

Become a nurse… Better yet, become a Canadian Nurse!   It is true that everyone, at some point in their life, will need the services of a nurse. As a vital part of the healthcare system, nurses care for people when they are at their most vulnerable and even in times of great joy. With […] Read More

Building Your Nursing Career: A Guide for Students (3rd Edition)

Author Janice Waddell, RN, PhD, Gail J. Donner, RN, PhD and Mary M. Wheeler, RN, MEd The only career planning book in Canada designed specifically for nursing students! This specialized workbook has been written specifically for nursing students as a tool to assist them in the process of planning their future career. Following the Donner-Wheeler […] Read More

Reflections and Revelations

Reflections and Revelations: The Nursing Student Journey The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA) believes strongly in advocating for the profession of nursing and for the provision of quality healthcare for all Canadians. As they pass through their educational program, nursing students grow personally and professionally, sometimes at a seemingly exponential rate, as they are exposed […] Read More

Form: Download

Instructions: Download

Poster: Download

Committee Description 2015

CNSA Committee Description 2015 Read More

Committee Description Pdf: Download

National Assembly Minutes

CNSA National Assembly Minutes. Read More

National Assembly 2015: Download

Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

The Nursing Students' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities was adopted by the 2005 CNSA National Assembly at the National Conference held in Windsor. Read More

CNSA Terms of Reference

CNSA Terms of Reference Read More

Terms of Reference Pdf: Download