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Hello Everyone and welcome back for another great year with CNSA!


This year’s NNSW’s theme will be “Celebrating Student Leadership and Innovations” the dates are from November 18th -22nd. Indigenous Nursing Student’s Day will be Tuesday, November 19th


This year will be hosting several exciting contests featuring student excellence in the following topics: Education Excellence, Indigenous Advocacy, Diversity, Research, and Community Engagement.


We recommend following along with those broad topics if your chapter would like to have daily themes (i.e. Monday for Education, Tuesday Indigenous Advocacy ……etc to Friday for community engagement)


This year the swag items will be chosen by YOU the students. Our Facebook page will have a poll opening to decide swag items. (If you are unable to connect to Facebook, please share your input by contacting me, Jessica via


Follow our Facebook and Twitter account for more details and information to come – and if you are interested in helping out planning NNSW – send me an email at – looking forward to hearing from you!