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November 20th – 26th, 2017


Join us in celebrating National Nursing Students’ Week (NNSW) 2017 from November 20 – 26th, 2017 and Indigenous Nursing Students’ Day on November 20th, 2017. The theme for this year is Empowerment: Finding Resilience in the Face of Stigma.

What is National Nursing Students’ Week?

NNSW is an annual, week-long event held each November. The purpose of NNSW in the past has always been to showcase the contributions of nursing students to their practice settings and celebrate their accomplishments throughout their program of study. This year, we wanted to add an extra dimension and acknowledge the stresses and hardships that nursing students endure and the resilience that they demonstrate.

The week will have five sub-themes corresponding to each day of the week:


Indigenous Nursing Students’ Day


  • Consent
  • Privilege
  • Microaggressions/Lateral Violence and
  • Stigma

*We recognize that individual schools have different class schedules, so Tuesday through Friday have no set sub-themes. Instead, feel free to highlight sub-themes on days that make the most sense for your school (e.g., planning an activity around the sub-theme of stigma on a day where many students are on campus!)

A Collaborative Approach

As you may know, CNSA has several amazing committees that work on a variety of projects throughout the year.  To honour these committees and the populations and interests they represent, NNSW 2017 has been co-constructed with input from as many of our committees as possible. More information to come on how the committees are involved as we approach the week!

The Swag Item

Tri-coloured pens again? Not this time! Guided by our position statement from 2016 pertaining to environmental stewardship, we have decided to go green for our swag item this year. Each chapter school in good standing will receive lazer-etched beans* with different words inscribed into them. This is no joke – as the beans grow, the words remain on a portion of the plant! Part self-care, part metaphor; please join us and #Growyourvoice!

*A huge credit to Jayden Meville for this incredibly creative and eco-friendly swag idea and hashtag

How to Stay Up to Date and Take Part

We always love to see what your school puts on, so make sure to use #NNSW2017, #SNEI2017 and/or #Growyourvoice so we can repost your pictures and share your triumphs! Follow our official National Nursing Students’ Week Facebook page @CNSA.NNSW and Twitter @NNSW_SNEI.


If you have any questions, feel free to email our Director of Career and Leadership Development, Josh Duncan at

-Happy National Nursing Students’ Week 2017!-

­-French Version of Poster to Come out Shortly-