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November 15th-21nd, 2015

National Nursing Students’ Week is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding work both during school and outside of school done by nursing students across Canada and to promote specifically the role of a nursing student and the nursing profession as a whole. The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association invites you to celebrate with us!

Print these posters and personalize them in order to promote NNSW at your school!

NNSW Poster – English

NNSW Poster – French

National Nursing
Students’ Week – Chapter School Video Contest

National Nursing Students’ Week 2015 is fast approaching!
The theme for this year is “Nursing the Mind – Care Starts with You!” NNSW will
take place from November 15-21, 2015.

The planning committee is interested to see how different
CNSA schools celebrate NNSW, so we decided to have a little competition between
all the chapter schools from coast to coast. We are excited to announce the
first ever National Nursing Students’ Week Video Contest!

To enter, your chapter school must submit a video following
National Nursing Students’ Week that contains:

  1. Clear
    identification of your chapter school and your delegates
  2. Events
    you put on during NNSW at your chapter school
  3. Examples
    of “Nursing the Mind” and “Care Starts With You”

Your videos must be submitted to the Director of Career and
Leadership Development ( by 23:59pm EST on Saturday
December 5th, 2015
. All submissions will
be displayed on the National Nursing Students’ Week and CNSA Facebook pages.
The winner will be announced at National Conference in the New Year!

1. What is National
Nursing Students Week?

National Nursing Students
Week (NNSW) is an annual week-long event each November. It showcases the
contributions of nursing students to their practice settings and celebrates
their accomplishments throughout their program of study.

2. When is NNSW 2015?

This year, NNSW is
running from November 15th to the 21st, 2015

3. Is there a theme
for NNSW 2015?

The theme for NNSW this
year is “Nursing the Mind”. Nursing students pour themselves into their
work and school lives, often focusing on caring for others and getting
assignments done, and leaving themselves as the last to be cared for. Although
it is important to do your best in school and in placement settings, it is also
vital to perform self-care as well. Taking time out of your day, each day, to
do an activity that centered on your needs will lead to improvements across the
board, and help you to avoid feeling burnt out. This is explained in greater
detail by the position statement “Self-Care Practices among Nursing Students”
which was endorsed by CNSA in January, 2009.

CNSA encourages all
nursing students, across Canada, to use this week to refocus on what they need
to succeed. It could be as simple as going for a walk outside with some
friends, taking ten minutes to dance like no one is watching, or spending time
reading a book not related to course materials. Choose anything that renews
your spirit.

4. Are there any
resources to help promote NNSW 2015?

We have created a
promotional video for NNSW 2015 featuring the 2015-2016 Board of Directors,
which was filmed during our August Meeting. We have also ordered some
promotional products including bookmarks and lapel pins. These will help to
promote CNSA and the work it does in connecting nursing students across Canada.

5. So what do I do in
my Chapter to be involved with NNSW 2015?

Events are up to the
discretion of each Chapter. Popular activities in the past have been Banner
signings, Lunch-and-Learn Sessions with various speakers from Professional
Bodies, Semi-formal dinners, Canned-Food drives, etc. (Almost) Anything you can
think of is on the table, as long as it promotes a positive image of nursing
students and the nursing profession. Make it fun and engaging for your chapter

6. Anything else we
should know about NNSW 2015?

For more information, and
for updates between now and NNSW please check out the links below.

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