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CNSA holds a number of important meetings throughout the year to
allow students from across the country to share ideas, determine policy
and further the efforts of the Association.

National Assembly

The National Assembly is the annual meeting of CNSA where delegates
from all the chapter members from across Canada meet and give direction
to the Association. It is always held in conjunction with the National Conference in January of each year. All members are encouraged to
attend the National Assembly.
Regional Executive Meetings
Regional Executive meetings are held bi-annually and are an opportunity for
delegates from each region to meet and discuss issues specific to their
region and national issues to be brought to to National Assembly. The
meetings occur at each region’s Regional Conference and at the National Conference.

Board of Directors Meetings

The Board of Directors meet at least three times a year to
implement policies and manage the Association between National
Assemblies. The board communicates with the media and other
organizations on behalf of the members.

Chapter Meetings

Chapter Member Schools hold meetings to discuss issues of concern
to their school and to decide which issues should be elevated to the
regional or national level. All members at a chapter are encouraged to
attend chapter meetings. Chapter meetings are usually arranged by the
Official and/or Associate Delegate at the chapter. Meetings occur many
times per year.


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