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The 2015 CNSA National Conference will be held in Regina, Saskatchewan hosted by the University of Saskatchewan- Regina Campus. 



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What is the National Team?

The national team is CNSA’s only student presentation at the national conference. Each team is comprised of 5 general members and the coordinator. One general member is selected from each geographical region, and the coordinator is a member of the conference planning committee. Members of the national team must be in their third or fourth year of their nursing program. A new team is selected for each national conference. At this years conference National Team Members will be participating in the “Inspire Interprofessional Excellence” simulation battle.


Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the 2015 National Team you must be a current third or forth year student, and you must be able to be in Regina, SK from January 25th- 31st 2015. You must be able to attend all conference, and simulation days.


What does the team do?

Members are responsible for preparing an argument for a live debate in front of attendees of the national conference.  Successful candidates will be notified and will be given more details on the topics being debated. Members will be responsible for researching the chosen topic prior to arrival to the conference. While at the conference, the team will meet and compile their information into a formal debate format. The team will present on Thursday January 29th.


Furthermore the National Team will be participating in the Inspire Interdisciplinary Excellence simulation battle. Students will be pared with students from other health disciplines to take part in a high equity simulation experience. This friendly competition will be taking place on Monday January 26th 2015.


What do I get in return?

In exchange for their participation on the national team, members will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation expenses. Conference registration fees will also be covered by the CNSA. This year members of the National Team will take part in a preconference interdisciplinary project-based learning simulation battle. As well members of the National Team will receive free scrubs and gift cards. In order to ensure full reimbursement, members must abide by the guidelines for National Team, which are posted on CNSA website.


How do I apply?

Applications are available on the national conference page of the CNSA website. The application may be downloaded filled out and sent back to the National Conference Planning Committee. A reference letter from a clinical instructor or lab instructor must be emailed directly to the National Team Director with the name of the applicant in the subject box. Please note any reference letters received directly from an applicant will not be considered. Applications must be received by the December 15th, 2014 1200 EST to be considered.


Click below to download the application forms:

National Team Application Form English (PDF)

National Team Application Form French (PDF)

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CNSA Scholarly Showcase and Leader of Tomorrow Presenter

Breanne Bencharski - A Personal Touch: One families journey to the end (Oral)

Brittany Allen - The Teach In: Fostering Connections in Nursing Practice (Oral)

Camille Legris - Les besoins d’apprentissage et le processus d’orientation des nouveaux précepteurs : L’utilisation de la simulation (Poster)

Chantal Singh - Involving Students in Health Informatics (Oral)

Janson Chan - Leader of Tomorrow - Autism Teenage Partnership (Poster)

Jillian Wilmont - Avoiding a Digital Identity Crisis: A New Nurse’s Guide to Using Social Media in Professional Practice (Oral)

Krista Sferrazza - Transitions from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health Services (Poster)

Mitchell Vong - What do we know about the concept of patient safety in older adults with mental health challenges? (Poster)

Natalie Wiebe - Satisfaction with Epilepsy Care: A Systematic Review (Poster)

Paisly Symenuk - Beyond Professions and Borders: Learning to Work Together Outside The Classroom To Achieve Excellence in Care (Poster)

Pam Rice - Authentic Research Relationships in Indigenous Contexts (Poster), The Experience, Perceptions, and Feelings of Aboriginal Nursing Students Pursuing and Persisting in Undergraduate Education (Oral), Building Research Capacity in Aboriginal Nursing: The Case of Mentorship (Oral)

Pavneet Singh Kalkat and Ioana Golubovici - Nursing Student Empowerment in Clinical Placements (Oral) 

Sheren Anwar Siani - Preliminary finding: Maternal experience on performing repeated skin-to-skin care as a procedural pain management in preterm neonates (Poster)

Victoria Morgan - Nursing Research: A students’ perspective (Oral)

  1. Oral Presentation: Paper presentation will consist of a 40 minute oral presentation with 10 minutes allowed for questions
  2. Poster Presentation: Posters will be displayed for five days. (January 27- 31st). It is strongly encouraged that presenters be available to be present at their posters for a half an hour each day it is on display. Times will be available on the schedule.
  3. Other: On a case-by-case basis the selection, the committee will consider other forms of presentations such as interviews, videos, etc.





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