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This award is graciously sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions. This is an opportunity to
nominate a nursing student colleague, who may go unnoticed, for their dedication to leadership in the student nurse
role. Please provide a maximum of a 1000 word essay outlining the actions and attitude that makes your colleague a
worthy recipient of this recognition. Please also include the full name of the nominee, the school which they attend
and contact information for them. Please feel free to attach any supporting documents (fliers, leaflets, etc), that may
aid the committee in their decision.
All applicants are to submit all applications and application materials to Please also attach a
scanned copy or screen shot of your current semester, or your most recent semester’s transcript, as proof of
enrolment. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE IN VIA EMAIL BY March 15th, 2015. Please remember that
submissions can be sent in French or English.