Conference Time Equals Clinical Time

  Submitted by: Paul Terpstra, National Conference DirectorLisbet Rygnestad, Western Regional Director     Whereas The CNSA promotes, encourages, and provides opportunities for students to gain experience in professional activities.[...][...] Read More

Regional Executives

Chapter Schools and their members make up 5 Regions based on their geographical location. The ODs and ADs from each Chapter School in a Region make up the Regional Executive. The Regional Executive makes Regional decisions,[...][...] Read More

Regions of Membership

CNSA members are categorized into one of five regions based on their geographical location. Chapter members in each region elect a Regional Director to the Board of Directors and each region holds an annual Regional Conference. Atlantic Newfoundland[...][...] Read More

Lifetime and Honourary Members

Lifetime Members Lifetime membership is bestowed upon former CNSA members who have made an outstanding contribution to CNSA as a member of CNSA. The following individuals have distinguished themselves by dedicating themselves and their talents[...][...] Read More