Past Award Recipients

Past Award Recipients CNFU Award for Excellence in Student Nursing Leadership   Janson Chan – York University –Toronto, ON   CNSA Scholarship for Student Clinical Excellence   Annie Huynh – University of Toronto – Toronto, ON  Maeve[...][...] Read More

Western/Prairie Regional Conference

Western/Prairie Regional Conference 2015: The 2015 Prairie/West Regional Conference is being put on by North Island College, Courtenay (Comox Valley), Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  Please visit the link below to learn more[...][...] Read More

Règlements intérieurs de l’AEIC

Règlements intérieurs de l’AEIC Janvier 2011   [Note : les présents règlements peuvent être modifiés, supprimés en tout ou en partie ou élargis, selon les procédures indiquées[...][...] Read More

Promoting Health Through Harm Reduction Strategies Resolution

Approved:          January, 2011 Approved by:     National Assembly   Harm reduction is a non-judgmental, non-confrontational approach to health care. It encourages a healthier[...][...] Read More