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Lifetime Contribution Award Recipients

Lifetime Members

Lifetime membership is bestowed upon former CNSA members who have made an outstanding contribution to CNSA as a member of CNSA. The following individuals have distinguished themselves by dedicating themselves and their talents to CNSA.


Jonathan Honsberger

Awarded: 2017

Jonathan graduated from Dalhousie University – Yarmouth in 2016. Recently he accepted a position at the local Winnipeg Children’s hospital. Jonathan started out as an Associate Delegate (AD) in his first year of nursing and took on the role of Official Delegate (OD) for year 2 and 3. For his fourth and final year he was elected to the CNSA Board of Directors as Atlantic Regional Director and obtained the role of Advocacy Committee Chair. Even after he graduated, his love for CNSA and the importance of a student’s voice continued. He provided support at the 2016 CNA Biennial when CNSA was a necessary voice in decision making. He has been there to provide support to current board members and committee chairs and above anything else, he did it with excitement and a smile. He was here at our 2017 National Conference in Winnipeg, MB. He has been volunteering his free time to help out around the conference because he knew from past experience how much work a conference could be, but he also knew how amazing a CNSA conference could be. Thank you Jonathan for your continued support and dedication to CNSA and being a shining example that CNSA has provided us all with the tools to be a nurse leader and an amazing advocate.


Jessy Dame

Awarded: 2017

Jessy Dame graduated from Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in 2015. During his time at TRU he was actively involved in student advocacy within his university and CNSA.  Since then, Jessy has had an invaluable impact not only within his nursing cohort, but also throughout CNSA as an organization. He began as an Associate Delegate (AD) and a member of the Regional Conference Planning Committee as Sponsorship Coordinator and then soon became Official Delegate (OD). He has also played a vital role in establishing an Indigenous voice within CNSA and the development of the current Indigenous Health Advocacy Committee Chair as an author of the position and resolution statement that was instrumental in creating this position. Once he graduated, his involvement with CNSA did not end. Throughout his career as an RN he has continued to share the work of CNSA and facilitate a strong ability to ignite student advocacy as a metis Indigenous nurse mentor. He builds capacity in everyone he meets and has encouraged countless students to follow their dreams and share the importance of student involvement and the student voice. Whether it was in his role with the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia with the New Grad initiative or at the Canadian Nurses Association Annual General Meeting as a voting delegate, he always holds CNSA in high regards. He has continued to express the importance of student involvement and professional development and believes that CNSA plays an important role in the creation of future nursing leaders.


Jaimie Carrier

Awarded: 2017

Jaimie Carrier is currently a graduate student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Jaimie was an active member of CNSA as a delegate for McGill University and then as the Quebec Regional Director. As a former member and now as a registered nurse, Jaimie has been a mentor to nursing students, encouraging them to reach their full potential both within CNSA and in their academic pursuits. Jaimie has also continued her advocacy work since graduating, especially in terms of educating nursing students about our licensing exam. Jaimie is currently enrolled in graduate studies at Dalhousie University and has taken on a mentorship role for this chapter, inspiring new students to become more involved in nursing leadership and advocacy. She also encourages students to manage their time, engage in self-care behaviours, and strive for balance in their lives. Recently, she has been working on projects involving leadership and chronic illness and has been accepted to speak at conferences on these topics.


Sonja MacDonald

Awarded: 2015


Lisa Schultz

Awarded: 2015


Maggie Danko

Awarded: 2015


Ana Golubovici

Awarded: 2015


Kevin Burn

Awarded: 2015


Molywan Vat

Awarded: 2014

School: McGill University

Molywan is an RN, completing masters and bachelor’s at McGill; currently works in the emergency unit and studies how to prevent emergency return visits. He was very present at the 2013 NC in Halifax, and has been very supportive and involved in the CNSA Committee. He has been a mentor and inspires McGill students.

Danielle Radchenko

Awarded: 2010

School: University of Alberta

An agent of innovation, Danielle's vision and leadership skills moved her position as National Career and Leadership Development Officer towards a permanent position on the Board of Directors. Her tireless efforts on behalf of the CNSA are furthermore appreciated because of her work to promote the first ever National Nursing Students' Week. Danielle increased awareness among nursing students of what CNSA does and how nursing students fit into the healthcare system.

Barbara Davies

Awarded: 2010

School: Laurentian University

As the Director of Membership Services for the 2008-2009 term, Barbara was instrumental in increasing bilingual involvement in CNSA. Most notably, Barbara recruited involvement among both the anglophone and francophone nursing programs at Laurentian University. Barbara furthermore served as a guide and resource for students planning the 2009 Ontario Regional Conference.

Chelsea Albo

Awarded: 2010

The CNSA appreciates Chelsea for her notable commitment to recruitment of new Chapter schools in western Canada as past-Western Regional Director. Following a resignation, she fearlessly led both her and the Prairies region for several months. Not only is Chelsea a strong leader but a strong political and environmental activist and an incredible force for moving forward CNSA objectives.

Alana Reeves

Awarded: 2010

School: University of Prince Edward Island

Alana contributed to the CNSA as the 2008-2009 Registration and Logistics Coordinator on the National Conference Planning Committee. She played an important role in fostering team cohesiveness among the committee and ensuring the that the conference was a positive experience for all registrants.

Heather Dickie

Awarded: 2010

School: University of Prince Edward Island

As 2008-2009 National Conference Director, Heather led the University of Prince Edward Island to host one of the largest and most successful National Conferences to-date. She furthermore contributed as an incredible resource for future National Conference Directors. Her charisma and undying pursuit of excellence is truly an asset to the CNSA.

Chrissy Lefkimmiatis

Awarded: 2010

School: Nipissing University

Chrissy served the 2008-2009 term, at times, as both the Vice President and Director of Communications, after serving a term as Ontario Regional Director. As a strong and positive presence for CNSA, Chrissy's attention to detail facilitated many improvements to the governing documents and her outgoing nature helped portray CNSA as an outstanding association to external stakeholders.

Patricia Farkas

Awarded: 2010

School: University of Manitoba

After serving as Official Delegate, Patricia took on the role of National Conference Director as the University of Manitoba hosted the 2008 National Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her hard work, dedication, and undying optimism played a key role in making the conference a huge success.

Robert Fraser

Awarded: 2010

School: Ryerson University

Robert served as the Ryerson University Official Delegate and is currently a Masters in Nursing student at the University of Toronto. Considered a staple presence at National Conference even as a Continuing Member, his passion and support for the CNSA is exemplified by his commitment to inclusiveness and encouragement of all nursing students. He runs a website called “Nursing Ideas" ( where nursing students and professionals can share ideas to improve healthcare and inspire one another.

Jonathon Bahrychuk

Awarded: 2009

Jonathan has played an important advisory role in the past two National Conferences despite no longer being an ordinary member of the Association. He sustains his continuing member status annually and has contributed greatly to the successes of the National Conference and the CNSA.

Patrick Landreville

Awarded: 2009

Patrick was both an associate and official delegate in his time with the CNSA. Since then he has been a participant and volunteer at the last two National Conferences despite no longer being an ordinary member of the Association. He continues to promote the aims of CNSA and volunteers his time to the regional and national conferences annually as a continuing member.

Jody Green

Awarded: 2009

School: University of Prince Edward Island

Jody is a past Atlantic Regional Conference Director of the Association. She held the first Regional Conference in PEI and assisted the NCPC with their bid for National Conference.

Jaclyn DesRoches

Awarded: 2009

School: University of Prince Edward Island

Jaclyn is a past Atlantic Regional Director of the Association. She was instrumental in assisting to host the first Regional Conference at UPEI and encouraged the NCPC to host the bid for Nationals. Her contributions to the region were not forgotten.

Angela Strand

Awarded: 2006

School: Nursing Education Program of Saskatchewan

Angela was the Conference Director for the 2003 conference in Saskatoon.  After graduation she went on to become the Resource officer for 3 years.

John Maddigan

Awarded: 2004

School: Trent University / Fleming College

John was the president for two terms, from 2002-2004. He was key in maintaining the CNSA’s partnership with the Canadian Nurses’ Association, including the development of the student internship program.

Dr. Lesley Young-Lewis RN

Awarded: 2003

Caroline Rivest

Awarded: 2003

School: McGill University

Caroline was Quebec Regional Director in 2001-2002. During her tenure as Quebec regional she encouraged and coordinated Universite de Montreal joining CNSA. Caroline also went above and beyond her duties as Quebec Regional Director, spending many, many hours providing translations of numerous documents so that CNSA could better serve our French speaking members.

Allison Meiwald

Awarded: 2003

School: Western Regional School of Nursing, NFLD

Allison served two years on the board of directors in 2001-2002 as the secretary of the CNSA, and in 2002-2003 as the Vice-President/Education and Research Director. In her role as the Vice-President/Education and Research Director she coordinated the introduction of three new awards for CNSA.

Jeff Boal

Awarded: 2002

School: University of Toronto

Jeff was president in 1999/2000 and was the driving force behind the extremely successful recuitment video long past his role as president ended.

Jeff Baine

Awarded: 2002

School: Dalhousie University

Jeff was communications director on the board of director in 1986-87. He returned to CNSA for 1998-2001 to act as the resource officer for CNSA.

Christopher Kebbel

Awarded: 2000

School: University of Toronto, Ontario

Chris was communications director on the board of directors in 1997-1998. He chaired the committee that saw the establishment of CNSA's website, and coordinated major changes in the bylaws of CNSA. Chris was the resource officer from 2000-2003.

Zahir Hirji

Awarded: 1997

School: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Zahir was vice-president/education research director 1995/96, 1996/97 and he returned to the board of directors in the fall of 1997 after he graduated to fill the vacancy and complete the role. Zahir was responsible for the creation of the Outpost/International placement awards.

Steve Cairnes

Awarded: 1996

School: McMaster University

Steve Cairnes was the education/research director in 1993/94 he went on to serve as resource person from 1994-1997.

Daniel Scott

Awarded: 1988

Luc Therrien

Awarded: 1988

School: University of Montreal

Barb Kelner (nee Dalby)

Awarded: 1981

Honourary Contribution Award Recipients

Honourary Members

Honourary membership is bestowed upon individuals who have never been a member of CNSA/AEIC, but have made a significant contribution to the organization.


Lucie-Anne Landry

Chargée d'enseignement clinique, Université de Moncton Campus de Moncton

Awarded : 2017

Lucie-Anne’s teaching methods focuses on implicating the students in their learning abilities by preparing great critical thinking questions.  She also makes sure to adapt her teachings methods to meet every student’s needs. She is always ready to listen and help students in the best of her abilities, even if it means taking time out of work hours to help out students in need - her door is always open to students for questions or simply to listen. When the NCLEX exam statistics came out, this dedicated teacher wanted to make a change when seeing such low passing rate in the examination. She decided to take on a leader role as an NCLEX guidance teacher to help the 4th year nursing students to better prepare for this exam. This inspiring woman and advocate not only fulfills her duties, but she goes above and beyond to help her students to pass the bachelor’s degree and become the best nurses we can be. She is devoted to her work as well as her various committees. We, as her students, truly look up to her and all of her achievements.



Shauna Houk

Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University - Halifax

Awarded: 2017

Shauna Houk is an assistant professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has also served in the role of Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies at Dalhousie. In this role, she has been a mentor to nursing students in many capacities. She is an advocate for students, continually bringing forward concerns to the School of Nursing on behalf of students. She attends nearly every student function and is truly excited to support the leadership potential of her students. In addition, Shauna has become the faculty advisor for our local CNSA chapter. In this role, she has helped students find resources to travel to conference, advocated for the School of Nursing to provide sponsorship for our regional conference, and inspired members to get involved in projects they are passionate about. She ensures students are able to attend important professional development opportunities and makes it her mission to make such events accessible to people with low income and who would otherwise be unable to attend. She also is an advocate for students who are parents, helping them find resources for child care and making events more accessible for families. Recently, Shauna has taken on another project within the School of Nursing rather than our assistant director, but she has stayed on as an advisor to CNSA to continue to mentor students and help them maximize their potential within our Association. Shauna is truly an inspiration to all nursing students at Dalhousie and has been a key force in ensuring the success of our chapter.


Janine Lennox

Assistant Chair, Langara College

Awarded: 2017

Janine deserves the CNSA Honourary Contributions Award for all of her contributions to CNSA as follows:

  • initiated the student research poster showcase that is now part of all the CNSA conferences
  • hosted two successful CNSA conferences at Langara College: 2012 Regional Conference with close to 300 attendees and the 2014 National Conference
  • collaborated alongside CNSA Langara to hold 2016 NNSW and encouraged faculty to celebrate nursing students (games, refreshments, prizes)
  • invited the international transition program and LPN bridging program students whom we have never reached before
  • values student voice in curriculum and program development through ongoing professional development meeting and currently developing a system for student forum to discuss changes for the curriculum
  • advocated for SNAP to be recognized within Langara (SNAP is the student nurse advocacy program that mediates meetings with students and faculty should a problem arise)
  • strongly advocated the benefits of CNSA to Langara College and was able to add membership fees as part of the nursing budget
  • continues to support the Langara OD and ADs to attend the regional and national conferences

Vicki McKenna

First Vice-President of the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA)

Awarded: 2016

Vicki McKenna is the First Vice-President of the Ontario Nurses’ Association (ONA) Board of Directors. She firmly believes in lobbying the government to improve conditions for nurses and nursing students. Vicki has always supported nursing students and advocates for our rights. Recently, several CNSA chapter schools expressed concern with the conditions of the new registration exam (NCLEX). Vicki validated these concerns and provided CNSA chapter schools with support to deal with these issues. In addition, she ensures every Ontario CNSA Delegate team is connected with their ONA Region VP. She has always reinforced the ONA-CNSA partnership which has been integral for several CNSA chapter schools.

Tracy Quewezance

British Columbia Nurses’ Union (BCNU) Thompson North Okanagan (TNO) Regional Director

Awarded: 2016

Tracy puts the most effort into advocating for students rights and including student representation at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). We currently have more than one student representative per year and have a strong relationship with Tracy in regards to learning what the union can do for students and vice versa, what the students can do for the union. Tracy, on top of BCNU funding students to CNSA conferences, put together a budget of an extra $1,500 to send an extra student to the 2016 National CNSA conference. Tracy is excellent at keeping CNSA and our chapter school members informed about union events and is always active with [TRU students] on social media. Tracy also ensured that the BCNU bus was available to TRU for this year’s orientation day. The event was successful and was able to sign up many first year BCNU student members because of it!

Tania Dick

President-elect for the Association for Registered Nurses of British Columbia (ARNBC) and board member of Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada (A.N.A.C.)

Awarded: 2016

Tania Dick, though humble, has many accomplishments to her name that are worthy of recognition.  Tania is currently the president-elect for the Association of Registered Nurses of BC (ARNBC), and currently sits on the board of the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada (A.N.A.C.).  The Western-Prairie region was fortunate to have her as a speaker at their conference in Comox, BC. She has been a mentor for many students and indigenous nursing students and was instrumental in mentoring the students who wrote the resolution statement presented last year regarding Aboriginal health.  Her list of accomplishments goes on and on; she is truly an amazing individual and an incredibly influential nurse.

Karen Poole

Director of Lakehead University School of Nursing

Awarded: 2016

Karen has been a long time supporter of CNSA endeavours, and the work she does for the nursing students of Lakehead University is consistent with the CNSA's strategic objectives. She is an excellent resource by being an advocate for students wishing to attend conference and assists as much as she can to ensure clinical hours are granted if possible. She does this on a case-by-case basis and is very open to working with students towards a plan of action. Karen has taken the time to work with students who have encountered issues relating to missing clinical due to accident/illness etc. To ensure they graduate on time, she goes out of her way to create a more accommodating plan with both clinical instructors and students to accomplish this goal. Karen listens to the concerns of students and the Lakehead University School of Nursing has created a new curriculum which has now been implemented for the graduating class of 2018/2019.

Jennifer Fournier, BA, NP-PHC, MHS

Faculty member at Laurentian University 

Awarded: 2016

Jennifer is a faculty member at Laurentian University who has been teaching in the Nurse Practitioner program for several years, but is new to teaching in the BScN program this year. Jennifer deserves the CNSA Honorary Contribution Award as she has contributed greatly to the achievements of CNSA and the aims of CNSA both within the University of Laurentian and CNSA as a whole, and some of which are as follows:

Laurentian University has re-established their CNSA Membership this year and Jennifer has been very supportive of this. Not only did Jennifer welcome the CNSA presentation to her 3rd year BScN class, but she also highly supported CNSA, CNSA’s objectives, and encouraged attendance to CNSA Conferences.

Jennifer also advocated for Laurentian 3rd year BScN students to receive 8 hours of community clinical hours for attending CNSA’s 2016 National Conference. Prior to the collaboration between students and faculty (Jennifer), Laurentian University did not grant clinical hours for the attendance of CNSA conference. We are grateful to that Jennifer recognizes the growth, learning, and networking associated with CNSA conferences and that she was able to advocate on our behalf.

Being a PhD student, Jennifer is very aware of the importance of research and development and she encourages our participation in research and innovation. Jennifer welcomed a Master’s student to her 3rd year BScN class to recruit participants for the student’s study and she encouraged the participation and involvement of all students while stressing the importance of research.


Dr. Sandra MacDonald


Awarded: 2015


Paul Petrie


Awarded: 2015


Dr. Sandra Bassendowski


Awarded: 2015



Signy Klebeck

Awarded: 2014

Ms. Klebeck is the faculty, nursing society advisor. Encourages students to attend CNSA events, advocates to have conference hour's equivalent to clinical hours.

Lynn Jansen

Awarded: 2014

As a new chapter member, Dr. Jansen, Dr. Janese has given them an operational budget for students association, paid for the first year membership fees, making their membership possible.

Dr. David Gregory

Awarded: 2014

Dr. Gregory is always going above and beyond for students to attend conferences. He gave generous amount of funding to both sites to attend NC.

Steven Ross

Awarded: 2014

Mr. Ross helped creating the chapter, faculty advisor, working on his masters' degree; is always encouraging to be active in student organizations.

Robin Scobie

Awarded: 2014

Based on Mr. Scobie's committment to the three primary objectives; faculty liaison, mentorship to delegates and students, on curriculum committee, she is passionate about strengthening linkages with undergraduate students.

Sarah Anderson

Awarded: 2010

Sarah served as the first ever paid Administrative Officer for CNSA. She helped the Association improve its financial practices and regularly contributed to association projects above and beyond her calling. Sarah's guidance and support undoubtedly propelled the Association forward and enabled the type of work it is capable of conducting today.

Sarah Anderson

Awarded: 2010

Sarah served as the first ever paid Administrative Officer for CNSA. She helped the Association improve its financial practices and regularly contributed to association projects above and beyond her calling. Sarah's guidance and support undoubtedly propelled the Association forward and enabled the type of work it is capable of conducting today.

Dr. Pat Griffin

Awarded: 2009

Dr. Griffin was the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) for many years and was a tremendous supporter of CNSA. She was also instrumental in establishing the strong and productive relationship that we share with CASN. Her appreciation for students and her willingness to work with them to enhance their leadership abilities have continued to resonate with our members.

Judy Boychuk Duchscher, RN, BScN, MN

Awarded: 2004

Judy has dedicated her post-graduate studies to the transition from student nurse to graduate nurse. She is on the faculty of NEPS-SIAST and is passionate about her students and their endeavours. She was a major supporter, as well as key note speaker, of the 2003 CNSA National Conference in Saskatoon. At present, Judy is a doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta where she is continuing her research of the transitional role of the student nurse.

Wendy McBride

Awarded: 1998

Executive Director of The Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing (CAUSN)

Beatrice Mullington

Awarded: 1998

Policy consultant, The Canadian Nurses Association

Penny Ericson

Awarded: 1996

Dean of the Faculty of NursingUniversity of New Brunswick

Karran Thorpe

Awarded: 1996

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of Lethbridge

Dr Una Ridley

Awarded: 1993

Former Dean of Nursing University of Lethbridge

Dr. Helen Musseilem

Awarded: 1992

Karl Allison

Awarded: 1984

Johnson and Johnson Corp.

Dr. Josephine Flaherty

Awarded: 1984




For further inquiries, contact the Chair of the Awards Committee, Latitia Pelley-George, at