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Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF)


Looking for scholarships, awards or research grant opportunities? Look no further! The Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF) has a variety of awards and scholarships available for nurses and nursing students in various levels of practice including baccalaureate programs, masters, nurse practitioner, doctoral, and awards dedicated to internationally educated nurses, aboriginal nurses and CNA certification applicants.The Canadian Nurses Foundation invests in nursing excellence by recognizing professional merit in Canada’s nurses and advancing nursing knowledge and research.For more information on the awards that are available as well as when to apply click here!

The following are available yearly:

  • Diversity in Nursing Award
  • Global Nursing Student Award
  • Bilingualism Award
  • Excellence in Nursing Leadership Award (CFNU)
  • Indigenous Health AwardImpact Award
  • Education & Research Award
  • Student Clinical Excellence Award
  • Student Clinical Excellence Award
  • Award for Community Involvement
  • Environmental Stewardship Award


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