Caitlin Wiltshire
MacEwan University, 3rd year
After a year as Education and Research Committee Chair, Caitlin couldn't wait to get more involved with the CNSA. This organization has offered so many opportunities for advocacy, and this summer, Caitlin will be applying to be a voting member of the CNA. Her goals include increasing transparency of the national organization, advocacy for indigenous groups and other underrepresented populations, research implementation into practice, and making our voices heard by schools and regulatory bodies more.
Peter Stinnissen
Vice President
Sault College, 3rd year
This will be Peter’s 2nd year on the Board of Directors and his is excited to represent our nursing students for another year. Peter was inspired by last year's advocacy efforts and hope to build on the hard work that was done will the new Board of Directors. His goals for this year are to continue to support our francophone students, advocate for indigenous health efforts and increase accessibility to french materials for our francophone members.
Caitlyn Patrick
Director of Communications
Sault College, 4th year BScN
This will be Caitlyn’s 3rd consecutive year on the CNSA Board of Directors and she couldn’t be more excited! She has had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring students leaders she has ever met. She has also had the opportunity to work with some amazing stakeholders who have provided her with experiences she never thought possible. She is looking forward to what the next year has in store. Her goals for this year include advocacy for mental health and addictions, advocacy for indigenous groups and francophone groups, and increasing communication and transparency of the national organization with its members.  
Bryce Boynton
Past President
University of Saskatchewan - College of Nursing, Graduate
Bryce Boynton recently completed his BSN and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. He has been involved with CNSA for his entire nursing education and served on the Board of Directors for the last 2 years, first as Prairie Regional Director then as President. He believes that CNSA has played a vital role in his education and career thus far. CNSA, It's a game changer!
Keeley Shaff
National Conference Director
Vancouver Island University
Keeley got involved with the CNSA in her second year of nursing when CNSA was first introduced at her school. She has helped establish her chapter school and is excited to bring nursing students to Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island. Keeley has been inspired by the amazing nursing students and nurses she has met through the CNSA and hopes to bring that same inspiration to those who attend National Conference 2018.
Fayth Schroeder
Director of Membership Services
Western Regional School of Nursing, 3rd year
My name is Fayth Schroeder, and I’m a Bachelor of Science Nursing Student at Western Regional School of Nursing in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I’ve been a part of the CNSA Chapter at my school for two years, and am very excited to be in this new leadership position on the Board of Directors. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the Board of Directors to invite more schools to become Chapter members of CNSA, and bring more services and benefits to our members.
Peter Stinnissen
Director of Bilingualism and Translation
Sault College, 3rd year
This will be Peter’s 2nd year on the Board of Directors and his is excited to represent our nursing students for another year. Peter was inspired by last year's advocacy efforts and hope to build on the hard work that was done will the new Board of Directors. His goals for this year are to continue to support our francophone students, advocate for indigenous health efforts and increase accessibility to french materials for our francophone members.
Victoria Marchand
Director of Indigenous Health Advocacy
University of Ottawa
Kwey kakina! I am extremely grateful to be the first ever Director of Indigenous Health Advocacy thanks to a team of incredibly hard-working students before me. A nursing student, varsity athlete, and First Nations from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg - the complexity of my background fuels my heart and passion for advocacy in Indigenous issues. I am thankful and excited to share my love for Indigenous health with other nursing students in the healing community to see what changes we can make together.
Josh Duncan
Director of Career and Leadership
North Island College, 3rd year
Josh is a third year student from North Island College in Courtenay, BC, and has been involved with CNSA since his first year.  Despite his love for humour (and tri-coloured pens), he is very serious when it comes to his passion for nursing leadership. Josh is looking forward to providing members with even more leadership-building opportunities this year and would love to work on highlighting and celebrating student leadership throughout the association.  His favourite pastimes include crocheting, cycling, and dancing like nobody's watching.
Brandon Smith
Atlantic Regional Director
Western Regional School of Nursing, 2nd year
I have been involved in CNSA since my first year of nursing when I served as AD during the 2015 National Conference. Since becoming involved I have helped plan and coordinate CNSA events within my school such as NNSW events. This year i hope to further increase communication between schools in my region to share their ideas and to bring their concerns to the rest of the board as well as to stakeholders to ensure that our voices are heard. In my free time I enjoy playing hockey.
Kelsey Fallis
Ontario Regional Director
York University, 4th Year
Kelsey is a 4th year student from York University in Toronto, and has been involved with CNSA since her first year. Prior to pursuing her nursing education, Kelsey obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from Brock University. Kelsey’s passion for science and caring for patients led her to a career in nursing. Kelsey is excited to be able to be the voice for nursing students in Ontario, the largest region in CNSA. This year, she is looking forward to increasing communication and collaboration among schools in the Ontario region, as well as working with stakeholders to ensure the student voice is always heard. In her free time, Kelsey enjoys eating, playing with dogs, and watching hockey.
Jake Kahler
Prairie Regional Director
Red River College, 3rd year
Jake is in his final year of nursing at Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. After attending his first CNSA national conference in 2017 as an official delegate, he realized he wasn’t ready to be done with the CNSA and decided to run for prairie regional director. He is looking forward to starting his senior consolidated practicum this summer, and hopes to get a position in a northern nursing station. He is excited to work with the 2017-2018 board of directors and have the opportunity to advocate for Canadian nursing students.
John A. Hutchins
Western Regional Director
North Island College, 1st year
John's passion for healthcare began when his mother became a care aide in 2008. He holds a vested interest in advocating for the improvement of client care, marginalized populations, and those facing mental health and addictions (to name a few). John believe's in a collaborative approach to creating change, and loves to opportunity to work with fellow students on many of the pressing issues faced in healthcare today. He is appreciative to work with such a diverse, and passionate collective of Nursing Students, and as a first year, he hopes to inspire leadership within every year of Nursing right from day one. On his down time, John also loves creating music, spending time with his family, and exploring the vast wilderness that Vancouver Island has to offer.
Sabrina Millis
Informatics Committee Chair
University of Regina / Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus, 2nd year
Sabrina has been involved with her program's student society since her first year in nursing and has been an active leader within the student body. She is a member of the Saskatchewan Nursing Informatics Association and has been working as a .NET software developer for the past 4 years. She is interested in the world of technology that powers healthcare and is passionate about the future of health informatics in Canada.
Jayden Meville
Diversity Committee Chair
SCBScN - Saskatoon Campus, 3nd year
Jayden Meville is a fierce advocate who lives in Saskatoon, SK. Her passion for human rights and dignity burns a fire within her soul, which she wishes to spread to others. Her hope is that by using her privilege and her voice as a vehicle for change, she can inspire humans to be more loving, accepting, and decrease stigmas surrounding Canada’s diverse populations. She believes that “Canada’s diversity makes us strong”, and wants others to see just how beautiful our diversity truly is.
Sarah Moffatt
Research and Education Committee Chair
UNB - Humber, 3rd year
I have always wanted to be involved in research, leading me to a MSc. When I began working as a research assistant after graduation, I quickly realized that if I was going to have a meaningful impact in clinical research I was needed to become a health care professional. This lead me to, somewhat reluctantly, enroll in nursing school. It was not until I became involved with CNSA that I really embraced the profession, due to the passionate nursing students and presenters I met at CNSA conferences. I am honored to be part of such a dedicated group of students, this year my goal is to promote student involvement in nursing research and education. If I am lucky maybe I can inspire someone to find their passion for research or education.
Vigne Sridharan
Global Health Committee Chair
Conestoga College, 2nd year
I became involved with CNSA in my 2nd year of Nursing with Conestoga College, in the capacity of an Associate Delegate. Attending the 2017 National Conference in Winnipeg was a 'game changer' for me. Having always been passionate about global and international health, I plan on increasing awareness on the importance of global citizenship among nursing students and continue the previous committee's efforts in advocating for the integration of global health into our nursing curriculum. I look forward to collaborating with nursing students across Canada!
Mary Jane Butler
Community and Public Health Committee Chair
Western Regional School of Nursing, 3rd year
Mary Jane is a 3rd year Bachelor of Nursing student attending Western Regional School of Nursing in Corner Brook Newfoundland. With a fiery passion for bettering her community she is always volunteering, advocating, or fundraising for someone who needs it.  It is her hope to put that passion forward this upcoming year to for the 30,000+ students represented by the CNSA. Mary Jane is honoured to work for the future nurses of Canada, through promoting self-care, mental health initiatives, and use of upstream thinking.
Elise Guest
Administrative Officer
Elise a team-player dedicated to meeting the objectives set by CNSA and supporting the Board and membership in meeting their goals. She enjoys taking on new projects, as each one is a learning opportunity and a way to improve and expand her skill set. Elise's primary strength as an administrator is creating and implementing organizational and tracking systems, and providing foundational work/research for projects.  She holds both a bachelors and Master's degree in History from the University of Ottawa, and is absolutely thrilled to find herself working in the nursing field, and with such a dynamic and dedicated group of nursing leaders