Bryce Boynton
University of Saskatchewan - College of Nursing, 4th Year
After a year as Prairie Regional Director 2015/16 Bryce couldn't wait to do more with CNSA.  He had the privilege of working with an amazing team full of nursing leaders so he had to do it again but this time as President.  He had an amazing mentor in Dawn Tisdale who showed everyone what it took to be a nursing leader which eventually influenced him to take on the role of President.  His goal is to highlight all the leaders within the CNSA and show what they are capable of to the public, educators, nurses, and their associations.
Sheren Anwar Siani
Vice President
Dalhousie University, 2nd yr
Sheren got involved with CNSA during her 1st year nursing as the 2015-2016 Education and Research Committee Chair. Prior to pursuing nursing, Sheren completed an Honours degree in Microbiology and Immunology with a minor in Chinese Studies. The art and science of nursing drew her interest in joining such a rewarding career. Sheren truly values diversity and evidence-informed practice, and she is very passionate about neonatal nursing. Her favourite part as CNSA Vice-President is to have the opportunities to collaborate with diverse nursing students and inspiring leaders across Canada, as well as the opportunities to empower and advocate for CNSA members.
Caitlyn Patrick
Director of Communications
Sault College, 3rd year BScN
Caitlyn became involved with CNSA in her 1st year of nursing as the 2015-2016 National Conference Director. Throughout her year on the CNSA Board of Directors, she was inspired by all of the amazing work done by Canadian nursing students passionate about healthcare and education. In fact she was so inspired that she decided to run for a position on the 2016-2017 CNSA Executive Committee. Working with the Informatics Committee Chair, Caitlyn hopes to bring CNSA and its members closer together this year, strengthening the tight-knit community that has left such a lasting impression on her.  
Dawn Tisdale
Past President
North Island College, Graduate
Dawn has had the privilege of serving on the BOD for the past 3 years as Director of Bilingualism and Translation, President and now as Past President. Dawn is so grateful for the connections made with students nationally, the opportunity to learn and serve with such tremendous mentors and to advocate for causes dear to her heart. Dawn is a North Island College graduate and working on the medical unit at her local hospital and as a student/new grad co-lead for ARNBC. "I encourage all students to get involved in CNSA, to push yourself outside of your comfort area, and open yourself to new and exciting opportunities. The rewards are endless and will last a lifetime!"
Karlee McKenzie
National Conference Director
University of Manitoba, 3rd Year
Karlee is excited for this upcoming year leading her team in hosting the 2017 CNSA National Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She looks forward to exploring Winnipeg with fellow nursing students from across Canada showing various representations of cultural safety through speakers, workshops, food, dance and social events.
Kennedie Maidment
Director of Membership Services
Thompson Rivers University, 4th Year
Kennedie is a fourth year student from TRU in Kamloops BC and has been actively involved in CNSA at her school since second year. She is looking forward to her final year of school and will be working towards being hired to a surgical floor while completing her critical care certification. What Kennedie is most excited about this year is the chance to make CNSA's membership benefits the best they've ever been and to recruit new chapter schools to our CNSA family.
Peter Stinnissen
Director of Bilingualism and Translation
Sault College, 2nd year
Peter first got involved with CNSA as a member of the planning committee for the 2015 National Conference. Peter’s favourite thing about his position is his ability to practice his French, be a voice for Canadian nursing students and work with fellow board members. Peter hopes to make CNSA more inclusive to bilingual nursing students. He enjoys hiking, playing golf and most importantly nursing!
Ashley Ahuja
Director of Career and Leadership
York University, 4th Year
Ashley’s favourite part about her position is coordinating and facilitating National Nursing Students’ Week (NNSW). She believes NNSW is an incredible opportunity for nursing students to share their individual experiences and connect with other students across the country. In addition, she hopes to integrate career and leadership development workshops into the CNSA Regional and National conferences. Ashley is grateful to be a part of this team and is looking forward to an incredible year ahead for CNSA!
Leah Carrier
Atlantic Regional Director
Dalhousie University, 2nd Year
Leah has been involved in CNSA since her first year of nursing school, where she attended conferences and took on the Associate Delegate role. She spent another amazing year as AD: attending conferences, planning National Nursing Students Week, and increasing student involvement at her school. This year, she is looking forward to increasing collaboration between schools, promoting dissemination of knowledge, and reaching out to stakeholders to ensure students’ voices are heard. She is also looking forward to co-chairing the conference planning committee for the Atlantic Regional Conference in Halifax, NS. In her free time, Leah loves to hike and kayak!
Marilyn Morand
Quebec Regional Director
McGill University, 2nd Year
Marilyn was introduced to CNSA in her first year as a nursing student and was impressed by the hard work put in both the regional and national conferences. She is looking forward to working with students from all across Canada to see what can be achieved when we join our voices.
Grant MacNeil
Ontario Regional Director
McMaster University, 4th Year
Grant MacNeil has been apart of CNSA since his second year of nursing. Grant is passionate about mental health promotion and health promotion. This year, Grant hopes to bring advocacy and awareness to these topics. Grant is privileged to be able to work with students across Ontario to ensure that their voices are heard.
Fred Entz
Prairie Regional Director
University of Regina/Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus, 2nd Year
Fred is from south-western Saskatchewan and is very passionate about nursing leadership. He believes that leadership is not just for certain people, but that everyone has leadership potential in their own special way and circumstances. His main goal as Prairie Regional Director is to connect different nursing schools and their students across Canada, and especially in the Prairies. Fred loves to meet new people and is continually inspired by their stories. He is looking forward to working with nursing students across Canada and to help develop leadership in the Canadian healthcare system.
Megan Bruce
Western Regional Director
MacEwan University, 3rd Year
Megan’s favourite part about her position in CNSA is having the opportunity to inspire nursing students to engage in nursing leadership. One of her primary objectives is to advocate for RN, LPN and RPN membership in CNSA. She also plans to work closely with Indigenous student leaders, and other diverse populations. Megan hopes through her role she can enrich her passion for nursing and experience more of her Canadian culture, as she loves to travel.
Betty Wang
Informatics Committee Chair
Ryerson University
Betty Wang’s favorite part of her position is the people within CNSA. CNSA has so many amazing and dedicated leaders! She is very proud to be part of this team. Betty can also play more than 8 instruments and her dream one day is to play all instruments around the world.
Alyssa Riddle
Diversity Committee Chair
MacEwan University, 3rd Year
Alyssa’s favourite part of her position in CNSA is working directly with students who are also passionate about advocating for marginalized populations. She hopes to decrease stigmas, and work closely with her peers to create opportunities for understanding, empathy, and equality. Alyssa loves learning languages and experiencing other cultures, and hopes to take her nursing practice to low SES communities across the world.
Caitlin Wiltshire
Research and Education Committee Chair
MacEwan University, 2nd Year
Caitlin is so excited to lead a hardworking and smart team to finding the research that impassions them. She returned to school to study nursing after achieving a BSc that gave her the tools to understand and facilitate research. She has worked summer research in physiology and pharmacology and hopes to someday design protocols for clinical trials.
Paisly Symenuk
Global Health Committee Chair
University of Alberta, 3rd Year
Paisly’s favourite part about her position is that she gets to share her passion for global health with her peers across Canada in the hope that another nursing student finds their passion for global health! Paisly has been re-elected into this position as she served in this role during the 2015-2016 term as well. Paisly is most excited this year to connect nursing students globally to engaged in dialogue and collaboration!
Boey Chak
Community and Public Health Committee Chair
McMaster University, 4th Year
Boey feels very thankful to work with so many passionate nursing students on promoting community and public health campaigns across Canada. She is an avid advocate of the importance of practicing self-care for good mental health and believes that the success of efforts to promote wellness and treat illness are more likely to succeed in an environment where public health is taken seriously. Boey is very excited to continue growing and learning with her peers and soon becoming a nurse!
Danielle Bourque
Indigenous Health Advocacy Committee Chair
University of Alberta, 3rd Year
Tansi! My name is Danielle Bourque, I am currently in my third year of nursing at the University of Alberta. I am also First Nations from Beaver Lake Cree Nation in northern Alberta. I consider myself a strong advocate for the indigenous population of Canada and hope to continue to strengthen my advocacy work through CNSA. A fun tidbit about myself is I have a twin sister who is also in nursing, older identical twin brothers, and a younger brother and sister who are fraternal twins.
Kristine Crosby
Administrative Officer
For the past five years I have been working at the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) in the Special Projects department. As CNSA's Board comes from across Canada, CASN provides the national headquarters for the organization and is contracted by the Board to provide administrative support. I recently took over the role of Administrative Officer. My first experience with CNSA was attending the 2015 National Assembly and National Conference.